We have been working with Victrix International since 2002.  They have been providing registered agents services for us in multiple states.  We have such a great experience with Victrix.  They keep us up to date with the various states correspondence.  All changes and requests are processed smoothly and in a timely manner.  Over the years we switched few more states to be represented by Victrix.  It is a great place to keep all your state's representations organized under one company.

Beata Rzeszuto
CPH & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.


Global Marine Insurance Agency has used the services of Victrix International for many years for our registered agent needs in a number of states.  They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and prompt whenever a situation arises.  We will continue to use their great services in the future.  Thank you Mr. Robinson and Victrix International.

Juli Killman
Global Marine Insurance Agency, Inc.


Thank you and your staff for making the process of complying with state regulations regarding registered agent filing simple and easy. With all the additional regulatory burdens we have experienced in recent years, your company and service have made it very easy to manage this part of our compliance at a very reasonable cost. It really saves me time and administrative overhead.

Jon Harden
Aviation Insurance Resources

Our company, Wells Technology, Inc., has been a customer of Victrix International, LLC since 2005. Our company uses Victrix International for our Registered Agent services in all 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia. We are extremely pleased with the professional, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and friendly staff at Victrix International. Victrix International notifies us immediately when there are changes/updates to the registered agents assigned to our company so that we are always up to date and have the most accurate/current information available for all the registered agents working with our company. Victrix International is always prompt and very responsive when questions arise and we need to contact them for assistance. I greatly appreciate the friendly and professional services of Victrix International in the procuring, maintaining, and updating of all registered agents for our company. I highly recommend Victrix International for all Registered Agent services.

Wendy Knudson, VP Marketing
Wells Technology, Inc.


I have worked with Victrix International for 14 years.  They have provided exceptional service in obtaining and updating registered agents nationwide.  Being a small company, you work with the same folks throughout the years.  They are knowledgeable and offer expedited services when the need arises.

The staff is friendly, efficient and proactive, offering a personal touch as they assist and get the job done.   

Mary Lou Hood
Brentwood Services, Inc.